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How to Get a Girl to Like You

When it comes to attracting a woman it’s usually contrary to how you’ve been taught in the past that actually works. We learn very early in life that we need to impress a girl, give compliments and so on. Although some of these things if done in the right way and sparingly can help, they can oftentimes repel women.

Creating attraction with hot women can be so much easier. In this article, we highlight what some of the keys are and how to stay away from the dreaded friend zone.

How to Attract a Girl?

The #1 thing that attracts women is confidence. That is why we recommend you work on your self-esteem and internal mindset more than anything else.

In the case of figuring out when a woman is attracted to you, you want to assume that all women you’re attracted to are attracted to you. Also, you are the one that is deciding if she will make the cut. That confidence will carry through into the interaction and many times whether she liked you or not, will not matter. That attraction will be build up through your confidence.

On the other side, many times women talk about guys who seem very physically attractive in the beginning but have nothing interesting to say or weren’t confident enough. So, just like a woman might initially be attracted to someone and turned off by the guy’s lack of confidence, she can also be attracted to a guy that she initially wasn’t attracted to.

Confidence Vs Being a Creepy Pursuer

Confidence does NOT mean to be aggressive or overly pursue women. It also does not mean to be arrogant or cocky.
It’s an inner mindset that you create and tell yourself that the women you’re attracted to are attracted to you as well and you carry your self with no doubt and confidence.  There is much, more on this topic such as affirmations, visualizations, meditation and releasing bad beliefs and emotions but, for now, know that you CAN build confidence. 

Indulge Her in a FUN Conversation

Here are some general rules:

  • Listen more than you talk and ask questions.
  • Flirt and be playfully teasing women in a fun and playable way.
  • Stick to light and fun topics. Be her escape!.
  • Keep your body language calm, cool and collected.
    If you are nervous breathe and just be relaxed.

How to Flirt with Women

It is important for you to learn How to Flirt with a girl. Now to flirt with her you are simply required to follow these points:

  • Have a sense of humor
  • Concentrate on the conversation
  • Concentrate on creating a moment rather than trying to get something
  • Smile often
  • Tease her a bit


Leading VS Pursuing

Read the Signs:

Before you start making the moves first you must get a feel for where she is at in the “courting” process.  Sometimes women are ready to hook up with you minutes after you meet them and other times, not.

Sings a girl likes you :

  • Touchy
  • Giggly
  • Her Personality changes around you
  • She agrees with you 
  • She accommodates you
  • Suggest things to do with you
  • Talks about future events including you in them

How to Create an Emotional Connection and Stay out of the friend zone

Grabbing a girl’s attention is not difficult but staying out of friend zone surely is. If she is being more comfortable around you while talking, she may start liking you as a friend. Crossing the limits of friendship can be difficult because you don’t want to get rejected or “offend” her. This is the point when you want to create a physical connection while continuing to build attraction.  

If a girl isn’t texting you back, DO NOT text her again, or if you invite her out and she says she can’t, don’t continue asking her out.  Normally, if she really is into you, she would make time to meet with you, even if she can’t at a particular time. She would suggest another time.

In case you are thinking of kissing her, there is nothing wrong with going for the kiss if you are getting the signals that she likes you. If she declines the advances, leave it at that and don’t keep doing it.

Leading and moving things forward, whether the action is reciprocated or not, can create attraction as long as you don’t keep insisting, “overselling”. In the case that she declines just make a joke about it and change the subject.

All in all, the more experience you gain along with knowing what some of the signals to look for, the easier it will be to know when women are interested in you. It will also become easier to understand when to make a move, whether it’s going for a kiss or going up to talk to her.


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