How To Flirt With A  Girl

If you are looking to know how to flirt with a girl, you probably found a lot of material out there including advice from girls telling you that it’s coming from the source.  Let’s cut the BS and let me put it out there for you,  WHAT WOMEN TELL YOU THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO IS NOT WHAT TURNS THEM ON!.  There you have it.  You have had girls saying how much they like a certain kind of guy or what will work for them? Then you turn around and find them hooking up and trying to covert the type of guy they say they don’t like or want ?.

Have this happened to you? Because if definitely happened to me and it has happened way too often.  You can hear it from a girl but in reality, they are only telling you what they have been told and past on as ideas.  Mr. Nice guy who takes care of you but really there is other traits that really turn a woman on.  Some are the guy that knows what he wants, confident and secure, and that is very comfortable in his own skin.  Anyone can fake a few traits but sooner or later the truth comes out and things go download very fast.  Which one do you want to be?  



Here are some steps to learn to flirt with a girl

  1.  Concentrate on the conversation and in enjoying the moment with the girl rather than thinking about getting laid. Getting into the state of flirting can be hard when you are looking for something and concentrated in getting laid if you are not just to flirt with that in mind.  It will help you be more your self and enjoy the time better giving her the chance to like you for who you are not for who you are trying to be to get laid.
  2. Be Playful, imagine you are a kid again and you can bring that playfulness in you out with a bit of sensuality to it.  Notice I said sexuality, not sexuality.  When you are flirting or been playful if you are not used to be sexual at a normal level then adding that to interaction will only take you one way.  You guest right to being needy and wanting sex from her again.  It’s even not about not wanting but rather been focused on creating a fun and playful experience and giving her the space to find you attractive rather than becoming just another creep, jerk or pursuer.
  3. Do not lead with doing things to get sex,  if you buy a girl a drink, open the door, or do anything for her.  Make sure you are doing it because it is how you are not because you like her and want sex from her.
  4. Tease her a bit, which is part of been playful but without being a jerk or cocky about it.  There is a sweet spot or a combination of confidence and teasing that is very attractive, a lot of guys mistake this for been cocky, arrogant and overpowering.  This is farthest from been attractive since all of those attributes of cocky, arrogant and overpowering are only sing of unbalance and insecurities.
  5. Keep Eye Contact to flirt and creating attraction.  Eye contact is very important when flirting not only because there is a lot to be said through the eyes but also because is a way of showing confidence which again a very attractive trait in a man towards a female. 

Flirting is a natural state of two people who are attracted to each other interact and connect leading usually to more sexual energy and attraction.

The art of Flirting vs Persuing

There is big difference between flirting and pursuing but you can lose your self in pursuing thinking you are flirting.  Since there are cases where a girl acts interested and we allusively thinking we are flirting back and forth while she is got full control the whole time.  While flirting when both parties are interested or attracted to each other, whether sexually, in personality or just as a common moment in time of vibing.

If you feel anxious or nervous while meeting a girl or don’t see your self flirting with a girl, you might just lack confidence.  You might have to work on growing your confidence.  You can check out this FREE confidence course to get you started  or Check out this Introvert dating course.  Because even on doubtable moments is the confidence that most people look for direction.

 So lead with value and give to the interaction instead of pursuing, this will make you even more attractive and confident since you are focusing on giving instead of getting.  More importantly, she will react differently to you and respect you even more plus more attractive than before.  You will become the one getting pursued instead of the pursuer which in return will give you control over the interaction.

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