How to Get a Girlfriend

Learn how to get a girlfriend and how to keep her in your life.   Wanting a girlfriend is a normal desire but overwhelming thirst is a turn-off. Since you’re reading this, you’re probably feeling a little desperate. Every single man feels this way at times. You may even be at a point where you’re regularly thinking, I NEED a girlfriend, but you have to throw all desperation out the window to get the girl.  The thing about desperation and neediness is that it clouds our vision of the type of person we really want in our lives and takes us on a journey of mistakes and exceptions a lot of the times.  Exceptions about the people we date, see and build a relationship around, accepting most of the times big flows that make our own lives miserable or just makes us feel bad including about our selves.

Steps to getting a girlfriend

Some of the steps to follow to get a girlfriend or the right girlfriend are

1.  Determine Your Type

After setting your desperation aside, the next step to learning how to find a girlfriend is determining your type. You want a mix of physical and personality traits to get a well-rounded and not at all shallow idea of what you want in a girlfriend.

2.  Go Where Your Type of Women Are

Yes, there’s the option to search for a girlfriend online but focusing your efforts on in-person meetings is more effective. The easiest way to decide where to go is considering your interests. Are you passionate about fitness? Try the gym or a fitness class. Love dogs? Take your furry friend to a dog park to see who you meet.

3.  Talk and Flirt

Without both, you’ll never connect with anyone let alone makes your interest clear. To find a girlfriend, you have to initiate. See someone cute? Talk to her. How? It depends on the setting but starts by introducing yourself and follow with something somewhat interesting. Then, keep the conversation going, let it build and once you have her attention, flirt.

4.  Get Her Number or Give Her Your Number

Talking to women is pointless if you don’t get their numbers. Forget it and consider your time wasted. As for how to get a woman’s number, casually pull out your phone and say, “Hey, let me get your number” after chatting her up and hinting that you would like to see her again. Making a statement rather than asking is a slightly dominant move that tends to get results.

5. Arrange a Date

Arrange a time to meet and a social place, I would call it more of a get together to take all the pressure away from the word dating.  Especially since the traditional dating concepts have evolve and now they are more open and relax.

During the date, it is about been you and been in the conversation rather than thinking about the future or about sex.  Notice the signs of a girl telling you she likes you.  We tend to be to catch in what we want to get or in what we dream about for the future that we forget to see the signs of a girl and where things are going, which is having the guy pursued most of the time.

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